I do enjoy shooting digital. I think the convenience is by far the greatest draw. I am thankful for new technology. And I don’t really have anything bad to say about it. But as a photographer I just prefer shooting analog. The whole process of seeing/discovering something, carefully finding the right picture, measuring the light, and then not being able to see an immediate result until I’ve developed the negative and printed it, is what attracts me to film photography. There is a soul and a magic in the outcome. And things that are easy are seldom worthwhile.

Pictures used to be about the sacredness of the single image. They used to be about taking pride in how you saw something, how you composed the photograph, how you told the story, and then forever cherished the print hanging on your wall. Nowadays it seems more about taking hundreds of images to post on social media. I don’t know what else to say. Photographs aren’t about being perfect. They aren’t about simply recording some sterile object or scene. They should always be about telling a story…conveying a feeling, and describing how a place, a situation, or something feels with a touch of soul thrown in, without having to make a picture that relies on manipulation. I’ve never wanted my images to be just files that are easily lost or disposed of. I do shoot both digital and analog. If I want convenience, if I’m travelling or shooting wildlife, I’ll shoot digital. These days I use a small mirrorless systems by Leica and Panasonic. But the main thing is that I like my photographs to look like photographs as opposed to digital creations or digital manipulations. But’s that’s just how I feel about it. Others have different opinions. And that’s more than ok with me.