The world in shades of grey. Kitimat RiverDouglas Channel - Kitimat, B.C.Kitimat, B.C.Service Center - Kitimat, B.C.Skeena River - Low TideKitimat, B.C.Kitimat, B.C.Kitimat, B.C.Maggie Point - Kitimat, B.C.Douglas Channel - Kitimat, B.C.Grasses - Douglas ChannelPrince Rupert B.C.Douglas ChannelLakelse Lake B.C.North Hirsch CreekClearwater Lakes TrailUpper Kitimat RiverClearwater Lakes TrailMinette Bay - Kitimat, B.C.Camrose AlbertaSnow Squall, Maligne Lake - AlbertaMirror Lake - Camrose Alberta"Stepping Stones" - Douglas ChannelBench - North Cove TrailHospital Beach - Kitimat, B.C.Hospital Beach - Kitimat, B.C.Snowfall - Kitimat RiverChina Hat - OahuDouglas Channel - Pinhole CameraBow Lake during wildfires 2014Kitimat HospitalKitimat, B.C.Dennis Lake, B.C.Lakelse Lake, B.C.Douglas ChannelKitimat, B.C.Kitimat, B.C.Hirsch Creek - Kitimat, B.C.After Christmas - Kitimat, B.C.Hospital Beach - Kitimat, B.C.Lakelse LakeCamrose AlbertaKitimat, B.C.Maggie Point Trail - Kitimat, B.C.Minette Bay - Kitimat, B.C.Viewpoint - Kitimat, B.C.Minette Bay Lodge - Kitimat, B.C.Kitimat, B.C.Hospital Beach - Kitimat, B.C.Fraser Lake, B.C.Service Center - Kitimat, B.C.Kitimat, B.C.Lakelse Lake, B.C.Kitimat, B.C.Skeena RiverKitimat, B.C.Service Center - Kitimat, B.C.Lakelse Lake, B.C.Kitimat, B.C.Kitimat, B.C.Kitimat, B.C.Kitimat, B.C.Kitimat, B.C.Before the Contract Ends - Kitimat, B.C.Armena AlbertaDouglas Channel - Kitimat, B.C.Minette Bay - Kitimat, B.C.Kitimat, B.C.Hospital Beach - Kitimat, B.C.Skeena River - Ice flow patterns on a frosty morningKitimat, B.C.Minette Bay - Kitimat, B.C.Rivtow Dock - Kitimat, B.C.Prince Rupert, B.C.Terrace, B.C.Kitimat, B.C.Kitimat, B.C.Ride's End - Kitimat, B.C.Bandstra Transport - Kitimat, B.C.Kitimat, B.C.Kitimat, B.C.Kitimat, B.C.Road to Mt. ElizabethKitimat, B.C.Cape Enrage, N.B.